Big Comeback!!! July 2018

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After many years of wandering, the Supersilliest Band is back with dates in Summer 2018!!

We are so excited to get seriously silly with you!

Saturday, July 7th at Prescott Farmers Market, 9-Noon at the Yavapai College Parking lot.

Wednesday, July 11th at Chino Valley Public Library. Two shows: 9:30 am and 10:45 am.

Prepare for the expected. We love you!

Chino Clubhouse Clamor

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supersilly themIt’s true, the level of joy in the Chino Valley Clubhouse was so high, people within 6 miles were smiling uncontrollably. Thanks to all people, moppits, mop pits, jelly sandwiches and string cheeses for coming together for fun, laughs, tears and sudden almost rhymes that won’t been soon forgotton.


Massive Cluster of Silliness

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Silly in Chino Valley

Like this season’s massive wind, three shows in two days blew the books off the shelf at the Chino Valley Library and Clubhouse. A storm of silliness epicenter hovered around a mouse and frog wedding, a whale of a tale, and filling up the hole at the bottom of the sea. Did we mention that we love the people of Chino Valley. Over 100 people, big and small, came out for the library shows – you know who you are and you rule! Especially the show sponsors and Darlene, librarian par excellance.

Our show at the community center clubhouse for the special people in CV was so amazing, so beautiful, so real, so yummy and heartful, words (obviously) don’t express how it feels to bond like we did. My keyboard is getting a little wet thinking about. The world is an extremely beautiful place and love is everywhere when you look in the eyes of a pure heart. Ok, getting really really silly now!

Again – thank you so much and we will see you out there again next month.

We’re playing Saturday, May 7 around Noontime at the Grand Re-openation of Young’s Farm. If you haven’t heard, this is pretty exciting news. Come support the soil’s re-invigoration with silliness.

No offense to the grey of hair, please! I love Steve Martin and my Grandparents, but playing to a mostly adult crowd was tough! We’re used to a smaller audience.

In fact, the peak moment was Dori’s Mother blowing bubbles with the kids in the front row. Look at the one stage-diving! It was sweeter than cotton candy and so much better tasting, deep in the heart. Thank you all, the event was a gas and we were priveledged to be among the bestest of the best folks at Sharlot Hall.

Huge Mobs Steal Moustache

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Ok, they didn’t steal it, but the massive crowds on hand for our 2 Prescott Library shows on June 17 did cause it to fall off. I get another one.
Thanks everyone, especially Amadee, for making this one of our best and most all-time super favorite shows. And little Opal got into the act, too!
Prescott Library get Supersilly

Tsunami on the Square 2010

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It was sweet, it was neat, and it is now complete. The 2010 Tsunami on the Square in Prescott was great AGAIN. How do they do it? Great spirit, local flavor, kids and elders getting into it. We were honored to be the Kid’s Cove hosts this year and loved every minute of it. We’ll be there next year for sure.
mamamismatch on parade

Prescott Public Library Goes Crazy

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As you can see from these startling photos, there was something strangely silly about the goings-ons over at the library the other day. Some say it was a sweet sideways storytime, others a pickled potluck ponderosa, and even a gum gum gallarosa. Whatever the case, be on the lookout for more fun at the library this year.

THE Supersilliest Band at Prescott Public Library Feb2010

These Kids Know Their Silly ABCs

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Who knew a library rocked so hard? We did! The Prescott Public was thumping for our show last Saturday. Thanks everyone who came out and thanks especially to the mommy who let me sit on her lap (though I still won’t take a nap).

Fall ’09 Tour

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4 Shows in Prescott in the next 4 weeks!

  • Prescott Library, Sat. Sept. 12, 10:30am
  • Yavapai College Family Enrichment Center, Sat. Sept. 19, 10:00am
  • Music for Wonder Fest at Watson Lake Park, Sun. Sept. 20, 1:00pm
  • Sharlot Hall Folk Music Festival, Sat. Oct. 10, Noon

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